Lucky Star L4D fanart

lucky star no mercy

Found this by the dark corner of the internets by a friend who linked it to me. This is just too awesome! Can’t wait for a K-ON L4D parody of this! Hmm, would be great if someone could plant the Lucky Star girls in L4D itself and use voice clips from the anime itself as actual voices!

Artist: WaHa of Collateral Damage Studios

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6 thoughts on “Lucky Star L4D fanart”

  1. Yes, I found this gem on /a/ too, and was just searching for the artist to say how awesome he is for making this. I was also thinking about learning how to design models for L4D but apparently it’s not supported or can only be used in single player. :<

    An Akira witch sound pack would be p. funny.

  2. @Kairu Ishimaru: I guess it’s because Konata is smiling while the rest are in ‘serious’ mode ^^

    @annoymous: Yeah, an Akira witch sound pack would be awesome… and Shirashi could do voice overs for the smoker!

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