Ero-Bikini Hirano Aya Photoshop

I believe many internets users like me have seen this image of Hirano Aya

that has been circulated around recently and thought it was real… Unfortunately, it was all but a clever photoshop.

Maybe it explains why her face did look a little weird in the picture. A really good one though and I wished it was actually the other way round. She would look really great if she did wear something like that though… ^^;

Source: Via Cartoon Leap

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One thought on “Ero-Bikini Hirano Aya Photoshop”

  1. That dude got away good, but when called to notice her neck has some color disvariations as well as the angle that her neck is turned is like near impossible to do. I know.. I’ve tried. Now I g2g and get this crick out my neck… Oh and Happy belated B-day.

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