Queens Blade Duo Oppai Pads


I believe many would have seen quite a bit of the lovely oppai mousepads with images of our favorite 2D girls on it, but this is actually the first time I am seeing a oppai mousepad with 2 lovely girls in docking mode.

The featured girls are Airi [アイリ] and Melona [メローナ]  from the anime Queens Blade. Those interested in getting this oppai pad can reserve a copy for themselves over at Hobby Search. Item costs 3,600 yen and will be released in late August. Although I suspect you can place something else besides your wrists on those oppai… ^^;

Some Queens Blade girls in revealing swimsuits below.

22626dc1fc7cb036ae8bed3faca2c630Click for uber high res image

Do wish there will be a butt mousepad or something based on the picture below. This is just amazingly cute and funny!

ed23e51ceb0be689e12dbf900855f3d7By Pixiv Illustrator mtnonikam

I have yet to catch the anime but am trying to resist from doing so as there’s just too much docking and eye revealing scenes! Any recommendations?

Source: Via Akibablog

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