Black★Rock Shooter

When Black Rock Shooter was first illustrated back in 26 Dec 2007 by artist Huke, nobody knew it would be such a hit.

Forward to the present, we finally have a 3D representation of the 2D Black Rock Shooter (does she have a name?) which I received at my doorstep almost a year back. Perhaps the 3D form isn’t as grand as it’s 2D counterpart, but I believe Sculpter Akeji did an awesome job. Many would have noticed that Black Rock Shooter isn’t just about it’s figure itself, with the massive rock cannon and chess-like base having more visual mass.

Black Rock Shooter has a sad expression on her face, indicating much of her loneliness. Two battle scars, one on her torso while the other under her left breast. Her most distinctive physical feature, however, is her right eye which burns with a bright blue flame.The coat she wears is really shiny though.

And below’s the original illustration by Huke

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