Miku comes alive with this moving desktop wallpaper on OSX

Facebook recommended this post to me, which ended with me creating this post to save you $3.99. You can thank me in the form of Bitcoins :D

In a TL:DR modern day fashion, you can play a video (in this case Hatsune Miku) as a desktop wallpaper and it would loop your favourite video in the background distracting you from getting any work done.


A twitter user by the handle @nyaibon recommended using Wallpaper Engine, an application you can download via steam, and gain access to tons of video loops, including the video you see in the gif above.

To save you some monies, and not really time, here’s how to get Miku dancing on your screen for basically, free! :)


1. Latest version of VLC, I’m on 2.2.4
2. This video here or the trimmed bits of the video

You need to change a couple of settings in VLC, and I ensure you it is not difficult.

VLC > Preferences > Video > Show all

VLC will display a much larger preferences tab, go to Video > Enable Wallpaper Mode.

Once that is done, you are already halfway there. Now, you need to display the irritating title that displays on your screen every time your video loops. To do that, go to

VLC > Subtitles/OSD > Uncheck Enable OSD

…and that’s pretty much it! Enjoy looking at Miku dancing on your screen!

If you would like to donate in the form of Bitcoins, please feel free to doante to this address below, any amount will help with server costs! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨


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