Seiyuu for idol anime 22/7, Amaki Sally, blowing up the internets with her fluent english

Hey, clickbait title but not really clickbait title.

Amaki Sally, the seiyuu for idol anime 22/7, is a native English speaker from Los Angeles. She’s trending on twitter now.

In retrospect, part of the reason she is trending, is that she is

a. A cute seiyuu
b. She speaks english
c. She is very intelligent, relatable, and has a personality in an industry where many idols are ‘meant’ to be cute and pure 100% of the time

And I totally agree with @nise_shi. I think her being brought up in a westernised environment makes her being able to express herself, while her knowledge of memes really make her relatable. Of course it’s just beyond memes, which would make this post longer than it should.

Go to twitter and watch snippets of her livestream :D

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