A week in Singapore 3

Sorry for the long wait for the latest episode of "A week in Singapore". Haven’t been out in town nor any real exciting events/happenings for the past few weeks.


Picture of my cousin who’s currently studying in Australia. Taken while in the airport terminal. More pictures of the terminal after the jump. Didn’t want to use a moe picture this time ^^;

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EOY Illustration


Remember mentioning about the EOY Illustration Competition a few weeks back. It’s unfortunate but I have to say I have decided to not join this year’s competition due to time constraints (Am pretty tied down to work) and also my poor judgement of the priorities I had ^^; (Was trying to get a HDD fixed).

I have pretty much completed the lineart of the sketch. The theme for this year’s EOY is "Sparks of Hope". The initial sketch I had in mind was that of a girl sitting down on the floor, with her right hand reaching out to the sky (From our perspective, she’s reaching out to you) desperately grabbing the remains of that ‘lil spark of hope’. Due to my lack of proper mad illustration skillz (Need to draw more!), it became the scan you see above.

Fret not however, as I’ll be colouring it as soon as time permits. And will again try to draw out the original sketch I wanted ^^;

EOY Illustration Competition: Sparks of Hope


Caught this while reading Tiny Red Man’s blog.

As it says, it’s the EOY Illustration Competition: Sparks of Hope. Create an original character based on the theme “Sparks of Hope” and submit your artwork in A4, 300 DPI, and in JPEG format by 7th December 2007.

The top 3 winners will be able to win attractive prizes and and get their artwork featured on Fresh Mode. Fresh Mode is a 100-page monthly comics magazine targeted at teens and young adult comic readers. More information about the competition can be found here.

I’ll be giving this illustration competition a try. It will be my first art competition so I’m rather nervous about it. Need to submit drafts as well so I better ask some of my more art-inclined friends. There’s roughly 3 more weeks till the submission dateline. Hope I can manage my time even better. I’ve still got a 800 words Japanese essay to submit ^^;

So, anyone’s submitting entries for the same competition as well? And oh, may the moe be with you ^o^