Comiket 74 – Cosplay

Best cosplay ever! I are nosebleeding

Comiket! Doujins! Ero! Anime! Cosplay!

I have finally attended Comiket after years of being unable to attend it due to my then-school timetable clashing with comiket.

Comiket is held twice a year at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (東京国際展示場) Tokyo Big Sight, or more commonly known as Tokyo Big Sight or ‘that-upside-down-pyramid-thing-that-defy-the-laws-of-physics‘.  The nearest train station is Kokusai Tenjijyo on the Rinkai Line. You can also take the Yurikamome Line (Monorail) from Shimbashi station to Kokusai Tenjijyo, another station with the same name as the train station that’s near Big Sight.

Okay, enough of babbling, time for the cosplay photos and kawaii girls! ^^

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Cosfest 2008: Macross Frontier

Smile! You’re on candid camera!

Deculture! This time, we have the team from Macross Frontier! With poor Alto being snatched and share by two lovely ladies, Ranka and Sheryl!

This should be the final set of very long overdue group photos taken during Cosfest 2008. ^^

Scream out ‘Deculture!’ for more pictures!

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Cosfest 2008: Ayu Tsukimiya

Nyaa.. Uguu?!

A very much overdue set of photos from Cosfest 2008. Too much replaying of Diablo II again has somewhat distracted me from posting this up.

This time we have a real life Ayu Tsukimiya from Key’s (adult) visual novel Kanon, who has decided to make an appearance at Cosfest. She came crashing into me in the shopping district, and then suddenly took my hand and started running.

Eventually, I learned that she’d stolen some taiyaki and was on the run. I was wondering what any of this had to do with me but I had no choice but to duck into a cafe to hide from the taiyaki baker.

I was actually very much shocked when I realize how much resemblance the real life Ayu has to the game’s Ayu.

Duck into the cafe as well to get more pictures!

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Cosfest 2008: Suzumiya Haruhi

I has affinity with Haruhi! ^^;

And the second set of photos from Cosfest 2008. Here we have a super cute Suzumiya Haruhi! I managed to snatch her away from the photographers to get some of her time to do a small photoshoot.

More pictures of uber uber cute Haruhi after the jump!

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