Streetfest Teaser


Just got back from Streetfest and a gathering with a few of my friends. Been busy the over the weekend and I haven’t had the time to post-process the photos I have taken.

Streetfest (Street Festival) is a festival to promote youth activities and allow them to showcase their talents and skills in visual arts, fashion, lifestyle trends etc.

Lots of J-rock, Gothic Lolita and some cosplay stuff at Streetfest today. I’ll try to get the images up as soon as possible as it would be a busy week for me during the next week as well ^^;

Will reply to the comments in the morning. I’m so tired now orz

Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay Shoot Part 1


Here’s the pictures of the cosplay shoot I promised you guys. Will be dividing them into parts as there is just too many photos to post-process and upload.

This is actually my first private and overseas photoshoot. I really have to thank bangin-san and miho-san for being such wonderful cosplayers and also giving me the opportunity to be the main photographer (the other being double who was with us).

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