Goodbye Dreamhost, Hello DigitalOcean

I have decided to stop hosting on Dreamhost, and shift my blog over to DigitalOcean.

It has been a long run with Dreamhost, a good 10 years!

holy-10-yearsThe decision to port over to DigitalOcean was an easy one, Dreamhost’s hosting runs at a good 120 USD per annum, where DigitalOcean goes for 5 USD per droplet per month. Since I’m a poor salaryman, and no one really reads this blog anymore, I went with the cheaper route. Besides, DigitalOcean has pretty good support, or so I hear.

The migration wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be, but that was due to mostly me being an idiot and not doing a backup before cancelling my shared hosting on Dreamhost. Fortunately, I had a cron job that would send me weekly backups of the blog, and restoring it meant doing the following:

  1. Download latest copy of backup
  2. Import backup in phpmyadmin
  3. Site breaks because of domain changes
  4. Use magical wand to fix
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Number 3was due to me switching out hosting WordPress in a folder, and shifting it onto the root domain,, and my previous options were pointing to the subfolder /weblog.

Also, if you are looking through the previous posts, you might come across squiggly lines / weird characters, it is another fuck up that I will try to fix. Essentially, it was caused by this blog being installed before WordPress 2.3, and WordPress did not specify what default character setto use while creating the blog, defaulting to whatever was used at the time the SQL database was created, which happened to be Latin1. And yes, this blog is at least 10 years old!

There is a post that details the solution, which I will go about reading and trying it.

Images in the blog (Any post other than this) are broken, which I will go about importing them back in. I hope this wouldn’t eat my bandwidth up.

And so, the, and the reappearance of!

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