Chu x Chu Idol – Astram


“Bet you’re looking at those!” said Astram with a vampire-y smile, playing around in the field of sunflowers, with clothes that barely offered any form of decent protection from the lecherous eyes of males & females.

I realized that Astram was not any normal vampire that shuns away from the sunlight like those from the folklore. She was indeed the opposite of what a vampire would have been, looking pretty, with nice curves and ironically, an idol too!

“Hey! Take more pictures of me.” Astram asked.

<May contain pictures that are Not Safe For Work>

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3Feel, First Online Adult Multiplayer Game


This is much more “NSFW/WTF/Only in the Otaku Land” then my post on “Bukkake Figure“. It will blow you away!

While on IRC, I came across this site link by a fellow IRC channeler. It was a link to a MMO site. But this is not any ordinary MMO (Massively multiplayer online) game, it’s instead an adult MMO game.

If you’re sure about this, douzo! (どうぞ – Welcome)

<Very Not Safe For Work and anybody below 18. You have been warned!>

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Tohsaka Rin, Gorgeous in Red


Having just got back from a trip overseas, Rin called me on my mobile just minutes after I have landed. She had wanted to visit the beach to test something out, which I had wondered what it was. Could have been one of her usual spell casting practices.

Energy was literally drained from me by the time I reached the beach and Rin was nowhere to be seen.

“Sorry to have let you wait” A female voice called out.

I turned and looked towards the direction of the voice; And there standing was Rin looking gorgeous in her red swimsuit.

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Byousoku 5cm Real Life Pictures – Spring Edition


Remember the Byousoku 5cm Real Life Pictures post I did last year while in Japan? I decided not to miss doing a Spring Edition as it was the main season the whole film was set in. After all, how often do you get to see the blooming of Sakura trees?

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Tokyo Trip 2008 – Day 3: Meeting Danny Choo and Hector Garcia


And today, we meet up with the famous pair who has been haunting the streets of Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku etc and also the Online Otaku World – Danny Choo and Hector Garcia.

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