Illustration Bloopers


Looking through one of the imageboards, I found images that have been tagged under an interesting category – “error“. It contains what one would call illustrations bloopers made by various artists and also some from animes.

How often do you notice such bloopers? I only notice them while in the movies but often not in anime ^^;

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Otaku Calendars


While surfing the internets (as one does) the other day, I came across Japanese Otaku Calendars with cutesy illustrations including some very suggestive poses.

My first memories of owning an Otaku calendar was during my first few purchases in my early wandering into anime – An Love Hina 2003 (?) Calendar.

<Contains an big cutesy image that might be a little NSFW>

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A week in Singapore 3

Sorry for the long wait for the latest episode of "A week in Singapore". Haven’t been out in town nor any real exciting events/happenings for the past few weeks.


Picture of my cousin who’s currently studying in Australia. Taken while in the airport terminal. More pictures of the terminal after the jump. Didn’t want to use a moe picture this time ^^;

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