Moe Picture of the Day EX

^ Now with 4 times the moe dosage!

Actually, this is more of a re-launch of the feature – Moe Picture of the Day.

Why a re-launch? This is as I’ve upgraded the feature to be much more flexible now. I can now store it in a database! YAY! For those wondering, EX stands for Extended.

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Bukkake Figure

^ That’s cream on her. I no lie!

If you are in a middle of drinking your coffee, having breakfast or at the office even, you might not want to look at this article.

This could be the most "NSFW/WTF/Only in the Otaku Land" post so far. Included in this post is some figures, "soldiers" and a creative load of photos.

If you’re sure about this, douzo! (どうぞ – Welcome)

<Contains Images with might be a little NSFW> 

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Itasha Show Illustrations


Danny Choo of has recently did a post of the Itasha car show that was held at the last comiket. Itasha basically means plastering your vehicle with anime stickers and other forms of decrorations.

I have managed to find 2 of the illustrations used on the bonnet of the PINK CHU CHU fan’s car.

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C73 Loot Teaser


Just a simple teaser post of the C73 stuff I got, with the help of friends who were in Japan for Comiket 73.

Not as extensive or huge compared to my Japan loot or AMR loot but it has some pretty nice stuff there ^^; One of these books has Rin doing very ‘nice’ stuff w00t!

Will do a proper post on the loot once I’m done with my report.

Did you get any goodies from C73?

(P.S For those wondering whether I do change the bed sheets since they are the same every time I take a loot pic, yes I do!)