Tohsaka Rin, Gorgeous in Red


Having just got back from a trip overseas, Rin called me on my mobile just minutes after I have landed. She had wanted to visit the beach to test something out, which I had wondered what it was. Could have been one of her usual spell casting practices.

Energy was literally drained from me by the time I reached the beach and Rin was nowhere to be seen.

“Sorry to have let you wait” A female voice called out.

I turned and looked towards the direction of the voice; And there standing was Rin looking gorgeous in her red swimsuit.

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Tokyo Trip 2008 – Day 3: Meeting Danny Choo and Hector Garcia


And today, we meet up with the famous pair who has been haunting the streets of Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku etc and also the Online Otaku World – Danny Choo and Hector Garcia.

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Pretty Assassin Kotona Elegance


Kotona was sit by the bar when I got there to get a drink. It had been a tough day working with nasty clients. I gazed over to look at Kotona when she looked back and returned with a smile.

“Tough day?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I replied while trying not to fall off the chair from her immense beauty.

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