Asuka Langley Soryu, Biker Chick Ver.

^ Image enhancement by Tragic Comedy. Figure provided by gordon

While car babes and their cars look good, I have always preferred biker chicks. Just last friday, Asuka called me up after work, wanting me to do a photoshoot of her new ride. All I had in mind was just a simple shoot, but only till I arrived that I realized it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Besides getting a new ride, Asuka had also gotten a very fine looking race suit. She loosen the zip for her suit, revealing her curvy body in a bikini. I was stunned by this astonishing beauty.

“どこみっての・・・バカァ、エッチ!” (Where are you looking at… idiot. Ecchi!) she shouted and I quickly got back to my senses to prepare for the shoot.

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Shuraki 03 – Char Rhousemann, A sultrist dance


While many Japanese gardens had nice kimono girls in it, this one had a more than just the usual. I was on paid assignment to do a shoot for a very elegant lady – Char Rhousemann.

Having arrived at her place a little earlier, the lady was practicing a little swordskill, one that I always been fascinated about. I began taking shots, while the lady was deep in her practice.

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Bukkake Figure

^ That’s cream on her. I no lie!

If you are in a middle of drinking your coffee, having breakfast or at the office even, you might not want to look at this article.

This could be the most "NSFW/WTF/Only in the Otaku Land" post so far. Included in this post is some figures, "soldiers" and a creative load of photos.

If you’re sure about this, douzo! (どうぞ – Welcome)

<Contains Images with might be a little NSFW> 

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Tsukino Azusagawa, Sexy Swimsuit Ver.


Looking down at the address hastily written on a piece of paper, I quickly headed down as I’ve heard I could get to taste Tsukino’s legendary buns that she bakes with skill and love. All I could think about was getting some of those buns and a shot of the baker herself.

Her place was near the beach, and when I arrived, I got more than I had bargained for. Tsukino was in her finest bikini waiting for me.

“Let’s go then” she then said.

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