Comiket 74 – Comic Water

Konata approves of this!

While at Comiket 74, I came across one of the weirdest and yet somewhat  ‘smartest’ marketing ‘schemes’ by the kind hearted people above targeted at me otakus.

Sold at most of the vending machines scattered around Big Sight, I came across this, known as Comic Water.

What is this mysterious water… more info after the jump!

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School Swimsuit & Meido Water: New Akiba Drink?!

I’ve heard Zero no Tsukaima Season III is good stuff. Tiffania bust revolution!

Akiba Keizai has reported on this new souvenir drink that has just started it sales in stores. Yes! Another product to targeted at the warm innocent otakus of Akiba by splashing moé characters on the labels of the drink.

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A week in Singapore 7


First up is the Sony Advertisement for their VAIO laptops that can been found along the bus stops of Orchard Road.

I really like this advert as it is really creative and has nice ladies in it. There are 2 more Sony Adverts with more nice ladies in it. Have tried taking a picture but the reflection from the glass makes it hard to see.

Will try to borrow a circular polarizer to reduce the glare. I like the ladies in this advert, especially the one with the pink VAIO ^^;

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A week in Singapore 6


Visiting Sim Lim Square to get a pair of headphones. My Prota Pros  died on me as the wires near the audio jack got loose. ORZ

Sim Lim Square, is known as the place for getting most of your electronics and IT goods. I often avoid the first 2 -3 floors as they are known to be tourist traps, with an exception of some shops…

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