Sumida River and Kimono Ladies


Continuing from the overdue documentation of my Japan trip, this is the second last post for the whole documentation (not including the Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay shoot). This time, we have a look at Sumida River, located in Asakusa where our hostel’s at and not forgetting the lovely ladies in Kimono.

And oh, I just finished watching Gundam 00, but that’s off topic anyway.

<Picture Intensive Post! Includes school girls and lovely ladies in kimonos>

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SGanimebloggers 1st Anniversary Dinner Gathering!


Just a few hours ago, I was at a mini-gathering with the members of Singapore Anime Bloggers (SGAB). That evening, many otakus from different walks of life gathered together in Kado man, a small Japanese restaurant at Grand Plaza Hotel.

This gathering marks the first anniversary of SGAB, which started off a year ago with just a few members, to now a nice growing number of 60+.

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A week in Singapore

^ Unfortunately we don’t have cute witches flying around on brooms :/

Was thinking of bringing more about the local scene to your readers. In attempt to do that, I’ll be starting a series called “A week in Singapore”, inspired by Danny Choo’s “A week in Tokyo”.

I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to this every week but let’s just try it out ^^

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