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  • Chu x Chu Idol – Astram

    “Bet you’re looking at those!” said Astram with a vampire-y smile, playing around in the field of sunflowers, with clothes that barely offered any form of decent protection from the lecherous eyes of males & females. I realized that Astram was not any normal vampire that shuns away from the sunlight like those from the […]

  • 3Feel, First Online Adult Multiplayer Game

    This is much more “NSFW/WTF/Only in the Otaku Land” then my post on “Bukkake Figure“. It will blow you away! While on IRC, I came across this site link by a fellow IRC channeler. It was a link to a MMO site. But this is not any ordinary MMO (Massively multiplayer online) game, it’s instead […]

  • Angel's Tale – Thai Bishoujo Game

    Thailand now has bishoujo games too! And I’m not kidding…

  • Tsundere Wars! Game Review

       ^ Name that picture anyone? ^^; Low angle shot! Remember the game I had mentioned a few posts back? Found it on my favorite site and decided to give it a go! Yup, I have tried it and completed it! It’s really simple actually… but first I’ll go through some of the basic functions.

  • Little Busters! Game Merchandise Review

    I did promise to do a merchandise review on Little Busters! and here it is! It won’t be a comprehensive review but just one that basically covers what is included in the package and all.

  • Tsundere Wars!

    ^ Rin is love but a bit of Shana won’t hurt ^^; I was passed this link a few days back and didn’t know what to make of it. Game company Giga (You may know them for their Baldr Bullet Revellion game back in 2006) will be including 「ツンデレ ウォーズ」 (Tsundere Wars) into the stuff […]

  • Anime Game Text Hooker!

    And no, not the hooker you can get off the streets for a sum of money.    ^ Kawaii deshou? Very moe too ^^; I don’t know how many of you have heard of Anime Game Text Hooker (AGTH) but it is a tool you should actually have on your computer (for those playing Japanese games). Really […]

  • Little Busters! GET

    キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ !!!!! Yes yes yes! It has finally arrived! I am now a official Little Busters! fanboy ^^; Will do an merchandise review some other time. Now to finish my work so that I can play Little Busters! woot!

  • G’s Festival Vol 9 Little Busters Edition

    Was supposed to do this post last week but I was terribly busy (Assignment due on Monday and Japanese test as well ^^;). I have never bought a G’s Festival magazine before, but the lastest issue had really caught my attention. It was G’s Festival Vol. 9 Little Busters! Edition. (Damn, I’m gonna be a […]

  • PSP on a 22 inch monitor!

      Not exactly 22 inch, but it still beats the native 4.3in available on the PSP.