Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)

moe 9688 sample-1
Girlie not related to post but I found her cute anyway

And a quick look at our loot stolen exchanged in Japan with the a currency known as money for moe girlies on paper.

Didn’t spend a lot compared to the Spring and last year’s trip (Japan Loot & Akane makes Revolution) as I am enlisting into the army in another 2 weeks time and won’t be able to enjoy the moelicious girlies while serving. Didn’t bring a lot of money to Japan this time as well, and bought a couple of other stuff as well.

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My Desk

moe 28081 sample
Just need one of these girlies on me bed ^^

And I am finally back from the land of the kawaii… to the land of the non-kawaii and reality and to the army in 2 weeks time T A T. Have not been posting in a while (yes I know ^^;) as I have been busy working on the site theme.

Didn’t want to have a half-assed theme like the previous one so am taking some time to work on it.

And yes, today we’ll have a look at my desk, from which I spend most of my time at.

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Comiket 74 – Comic Water

Konata approves of this!

While at Comiket 74, I came across one of the weirdest and yet somewhat  ‘smartest’ marketing ‘schemes’ by the kind hearted people above targeted at me otakus.

Sold at most of the vending machines scattered around Big Sight, I came across this, known as Comic Water.

What is this mysterious water… more info after the jump!

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Comiket 74 – Cosplay

Best cosplay ever! I are nosebleeding

Comiket! Doujins! Ero! Anime! Cosplay!

I have finally attended Comiket after years of being unable to attend it due to my then-school timetable clashing with comiket.

Comiket is held twice a year at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (東京国際展示場) Tokyo Big Sight, or more commonly known as Tokyo Big Sight or ‘that-upside-down-pyramid-thing-that-defy-the-laws-of-physics‘.  The nearest train station is Kokusai Tenjijyo on the Rinkai Line. You can also take the Yurikamome Line (Monorail) from Shimbashi station to Kokusai Tenjijyo, another station with the same name as the train station that’s near Big Sight.

Okay, enough of babbling, time for the cosplay photos and kawaii girls! ^^

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Onwards to Tokyo!


And as the title says, I’m off to Tokyo for a 10 days holiday ^^

Having just came back from Melbourne, Australia just 2 days ago, I’m off again to another country. This time, however, there will be lots of kawaii girls (I mean lots) to see, look, touch, feel during my 10 days there. It’s currently summer in Tokyo at the moment, so the weather’s is expected to be slightly hotter compared to back at home.

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School Swimsuit & Meido Water: New Akiba Drink?!

I’ve heard Zero no Tsukaima Season III is good stuff. Tiffania bust revolution!

Akiba Keizai has reported on this new souvenir drink that has just started it sales in stores. Yes! Another product to targeted at the warm innocent otakus of Akiba by splashing moé characters on the labels of the drink.

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