Japanese Learning


Having problems trying to improve your Japanese? Hate using the automated online translators? Experiencing difficulty trying to read those blog posts on Japanese blogs?
I had the same problem as most of you guys, despite having exposure to Japanese manga and lessons, my Japanese improvement progress was still often at a standstill, which pisses me off ^^;

But first, let me get started on why I chose Japanese.

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Welcome to JLPT


Just received my JLPT notification letter in the mail box today.

Applied for JLPT 4 (That’s the lowest level, with one being the highest) and got unfortunately assigned to the test center over at The Japanese school in Changi. That’s like the other side of the mainland from where I stay.  And the place is a pain in the bottom to get to as there’s only one bus service from the nearest train station to there.

Starting to wonder if I should have applied for JLPT 3 instead… or just skip 3 and go for 2 next year ^^;

So who’s going on the 2nd of December as well?

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