Speech Contest Edit 1

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Remember the speech contest that I mentioned I am to take part in? Here’s mine first draft with lots of error checking / fine-tuning done by my Japanese sensei ^__^|||

Lots of reds here and there. I do think my speech is less than 3 mins. It’s probably 1 min 30 secs at the very most :/ Have to lengthen it , record the speech and see how it goes along.


Japanese Speech Contest

January and February will be helluva hectic for me. Why?


1. NP in-house Japanese speech contest
On Speech contest, NP Advanced B students will speech in Japanese.
Also, Japanese High school students will visit us as guest judge.
We will have interaction over coffee and snack.
It’s good opportunity to talk with Japanese high school students in
Date: 19 Jan(Friday)
Time: 4:30-7pm
Venue: LT79
Program: Speech contest and interaction

2.Presentation of Japan trip
6 Advanced B students went to Japan last year for Language training trip. They stayed Osaka 2 weeks with host family. what  they found out in Japan? Is there any amazing things in Japan? What do you need to do if you are in Japan?They will give presentation of Japan and you will find know what is “real Japan ” is like.This is lunch time talk session, so feel free to bring your lunch and listen their presentation!It’s open to every one. Of course you can bring along your friend who don’t take Japanese class also!
Date: 24 Jan(Wed)
Time: 12-1pm
Venue: Blk53#04-08
Program: presentation and Q&A session

3. Japanese & English Speech Contest in Japanese high school
Waseda Shibuya Senior High School will hold in-house Speech contest in Japanese and English.Japanese students will give a speech in English and NP students will give a speech in Japanese.After speech contest we will have interaction time. It’s good chance to improve your Japanese and make Japanese friend.If you are interested in this event, please contact your lecturer or Chishiho sensei (mch2@np.edu.sg)
Date: 16 feb(Friday)
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Waseda Shibuya Senior High School
Program: Speech contest and interaction

I’ll be going for all 3 events :) Helping out in the first event, taking a look at the second and participating in the third.

Yes. I am going up to stage, facing a sea of Japanese Senior High School girls and guys and reading my speech in their native language whilst the Japanese students will do their in English.

I joined in without much thinking. Don’t ask me why, seriously. Sensei wants us to prepare our draft in both English and Japanese next thursday. I’ll probably talk on “My Future/Desire” or something along those lines. It’s the first for me to give a speech, and I hope I don’t screw up haha.

Date: 16 feb(Friday)
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Waseda Shibuya Senior High School
Program: Speech contest and interaction

Do come and support me people! I think it’s free admission. XD


Oh, and for those who were wondering why I had to wear such formal clothes today. My group had to do our presentation and we’d decided to wear the ‘office attire’ (meaning long sleeve shirts, suits and all) and present.

^ The five of us. I’m on the outmost right.


JLPT 2006

It’s the first sunday of december, which means JLPT’s (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) today! Good luck to whoever’s taking it. I hope I can take both 3 & 4 next year.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験 Nihongo nōryoku shiken?), or JLPT, is a standardized test to evaluate a person’s Japanese language proficiency – primarily in reading and listening. The test is held once every year on the first Sunday of December.

There are four grades or levels of proficiency (with a separate exam for each) beginning at level 4 and progressing to level 1 – the most difficult. Level 4 is normally reached after approximately 150 hours of study and level 1 after approximately 900 hours of study.

Source: WIkipedia <Link>

Why take two at one time? Well, since it is a annual thing , if I miss next year’s exam, I would most probably have to wait till after my national service ( 2 years). I don’t think there will be time for me to study in camp (unless I get an admin role) or much less even take a day leave. It also allows me to gauge the amount of japanese I have learnt since the beginning.

JLPT 4 is the easiest and 1 is well, the hardest.

It’s funny how they have labelled JLPT 1 as ‘Sufficient for life in Japan’. It’s like struggling is imminent if you don’t get JLPT 1 :p

This touhou meme is funny. Seriously.

On another note, you might (or not) have realized the change in the site’s banner. This is to celebrate the festival season – Christmas. Somehow, I think red and blue doesn’t really match. I might have to change the theme color to pink?! :/

Mini Research on Japanese Design Schools (MRJDS)

I’ll need to take Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in the years to come.

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (日本留学試験, Nihon Ryūgaku Shiken?); literally, “Japan Foreign Study Test”), more commonly referred to as simply the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU), is a standardized test that began in 2002 as a replacement for both the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the General Examination for Foreign Students, the latter of which is no longer administered. It has quickly become the standard admission test for non-Japanese students who are applying to study in Japan, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

EJU is basically used as an admission test for us non-Japanese students.

I need to take JLPT as well as some schools do not recognize EJU as a standard admission test :/


JLPT Level 3,4 next year (December)

EJU (Once I find out where I can take it over here)

Japanese Schools:

Tokyo Anime <Link>

Nippon Engineering College <Link>

Yoyogi Academy <Link>

These are all designing schools.

Website that shows the game related/anime related schools in Japan <Link>

Japanese Lunch

This came in my mail a few days back.

Lunch with my Japanese sensei(s) (teachers) together with other students and conversing in Japanese! That’s pretty cool. I decided to join in. Calling up my classmates from my Japanese class, the three of us turned up at the lunch.

We met Yoko-sensei (My sensei for Japanese Basic A/101) & Chishiho-sensei (My sensei for Japanese Basic B/102) outside the cafeteria before proceeding in. There were 3 other students from the Intermediate A/Basic 103 class (All males) , and Makoto-kun, who’s our guest.

Sidenote: When we take Japanese language as our enrichment programme, We start from Basic A/103 followed by Basic B, thereafter Intermediate A, B and finally Advanced A, B.

Int A Guys: “あの 先生、 ゲストはどこにですか?”

Chishiho-sensei: ”あら、それわまことーくん。”

Int A Guys: ”女ことじゃない?”

Chishiho-sensei: ”女ことじゃないて。”

Int A Guys: ”ああ。そか、残念ですようね。”
The guys from Int A reckoned that Makoto was a girl till Chishiho-sensei introduced him. We had a good laugh at that.

Makoto-kun is actually (half) Japanese I think. He is in Advanced B. Makoto-kun’s Japanese is rather fluent. He had home-stayed in Osaka, Japan with a family and is still in good contact with them. A Int-A dude asked for Makoto-kun’s email address.
We (They) talked about lots of stuff, from Makoto-kun’s homestay to the number of years our sensei has been in Singapore. Makoto-kun did most of the talking and I listened to their conversation quietly. I was able to understand most of their conversation, despite being in Basic B. It’s probably the watching of J-dramas/Anime and reading of ‘Someday’s Dreamer”. Vocabulary is utmost one of the most essential thing to know in order to converse properly in Japanese I reckon. That would add a lot more flavour in the conversation.

I asked Yoko-sensei about what qualifications are needed when studying in Japan. She replied that if you’re taking a diploma of the same level as you are at now, you will need to study Japanese in Japan for a year. That is what I recall. I will have to check with Chishiho-sensei about this, and ask if she has Makoto-kun’s email address.

We ended the session at about 10 minutes to 2pm and I headed back to my block for my afternoon classes.