Rain, and more rain

Alright then, sorry for the recent lack of posts. Work is tiring me out as it takes up about 60% of my daily time.

Over the past few days, we have seen blogs reporting about the mysterious website asosbrigade.com that popped out. With it foretelling the end of the world on 22 Dec together with copyright information for SOS-dan and stuff in Japanese. Many speculate the release of a R1 Haruhi license in 3 days.

I seriously don’t give much of a damn about this. You haruhi fanboys/girls can go “OHHH” and “AHHH” over it while I await ef – the fairy tale of the two which is to be released on the same day :)


It has been raining over the past 2 days as well. Radio reports places with floods and stuff. It’s kinda both good and bad as (good) it isn’t as hot (highest temp was 28 C) , and the bad, floodings and jams on the roads.

I tried to do some night shots of the rain from my baloncy, didn’t turn out that great due to my poor skills ^^;


^ Taken about 20 mins ago

Also, I realized my Asuka Summer ver figurine is starting to bend way over. In countering that effect, I’ve placed some metal things (the ones used in math brain puzzle games) to support her for a bit. Hope it works

Cosafe – Maid Cafe

The long awaited maid cafe has finally opened it doors! Situated in CHIJMES, I headed down together with bj0rn to check how it is coming along. Apparently, it is the soft-opening (meaning for family and friends to visit) and so it wasn’t really officially opened. Press release would be this Friday or Sunday (Can’t remember which day!). There wasn’t anyone in the meido uniform yet, and most of the stuff are still being shiffted around.

Location wise, I do think CHIJMES would do good. Why? It’s located just opposite Raffles City, although the rent is rather on the expensive side. Mini-akihabara (a.k.a Sunshine Plaza) is also located about 10 minutes walk from the cafe.

There wasn’t much to see on the first day, given it’s soft opening. We managed to have a word with the managing director, Mr Floyd. He at a worried look on his face at first, when he saw that I was carrying a DSLR camera. He approached us and asked

“Are you guys from any clubs? Like SGCafe or Tsubasa Shirou (Think the name is spelt as that) or something like that?”

“Oh no. We’re just ordinary folks that heard of the opening of the cafe”

“Ah ok, well, today’s actually the soft opening”

(Conversation went somewhat like this)

It was originally to be opened in Far East, but it seems that they managed to grab a nice location in CHIJMES.

I’ll be heading back there again probably either this friday or sunday (can’t remember which day!) , where it’s the press release and everyone comes snapping pictures of their maids like no tomorrow :)

Cosafe Maid Cafe

Location: 30 Victoria Street
#01-11 CHIJMES
Singapore 187996
Website:  www.cosafe.com.sg

Pictures of two cosplayers that were there as well.

Local Maid Cafe Opening News

“They have finally made their move”

“Why, yes they have”

“Strategy Forward Intrusion activated”


It seems like the maid cafe is opening on the 12th of december (Tuesday)

The cafe would be located over at

30 Victoria Street #01-11 CHIJMES

A good location I would say, as it is walking distance from most of the ‘anime otaku’ stores.

I’ll probably check it out either on tuesday after my networking paper, or friday afternoon.

I do hope they dress up in lolita fashion or maid style uniforms (french maid!) :)

Source: SGCafe <Link>

Viva la Maido Revolution!

M1 Broadband

I have decided to add in a new catagory – Local. Posts that falls under this would be local news, happenings and such.

M1 redefines Singapore’s home and office broadband market with the launch of ‘M1 Broadband’ service. This would mean more competition for the rest of the internet service providers. It is also the first island-wide wireless broadband service.

There are 3 tiers to their plans. The Broadband 384, Broadband 1800 and Broadband 3600.

Broadband 384 feels kinda like Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL).

I do really wonder how this would take off though. Given that there will be free wireless connectivity coming 2007 (for the next 2 years for internet service providers besides singnet which are doing it for 3 years) at selected town centres. My town centre’s in the list as well :) And I’m about 20 – 30m away from the zone.

The free wireless, also known as, Wireless@SG will offer free 512 kbps (kilobits per second) wireless access at hot spots. I guess it would be used for simple internet surfing and email checking. I do wonder about the security issues for these. Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Hot spot locations <Link>

Source: M1 Website <Link>
Newsvine <Link>

Passion – Eminence

Yay. Eminence is coming over to Singapore. Featuring a concert “Passion”

A very nice concert of game and anime soundtracks. Yasunori Mitsuda will be there as a special guest of honour!

Yasunori Mitsuda <Link>

I’ll be going for this one. Probably get the 2nd best seats, since you’ll be too near to the stage if you get the first.

I hope they play Reminiscence from Chrono Cross :)

More details over here <Link>

タイヨウのうた DVD (TBR)

On the sidenote, it seems like タイヨウのうた (Taiyou no Uta Moive) DVD is coming out soon.


Source: YUI’s diary <Link>

From what’s written in YUI’s blog :)


Also, this figurine from e2046 is extremely cute ^^

And also very expensive :/

A whooping 150.50 USD (234.424SGD) before discount.

It’s on 25% discount now, so it’s at 112.88USD (175.85SGD).

1/6 Gothic Dress Devil Girl (Pre-painted) <Link>

Kawaii ne?

There is also what seems like a new Haruhi kit?!

Source: Hobbystock.jp <Link>

And I found some sites of figurine kit makers and artists yesterday

Griffon Enterprises <Link>
Luna Tina <Link>
Akimoto Dai’s 3Cs <Link>


There is also this thing known as Passclicks

Passclicks is a new way to login to websites without users having to remember thir old style textual password.
Studies have revealed that humans are way better in remembering visual things than textual things.
With passclicks your normal textual passwords are replaced with a sequence of clicks on an image.

You can take a look over here <Link>