Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)

moe 9688 sample-1
Girlie not related to post but I found her cute anyway

And a quick look at our loot stolen exchanged in Japan with the a currency known as money for moe girlies on paper.

Didn’t spend a lot compared to the Spring and last year’s trip (Japan Loot & Akane makes Revolution) as I am enlisting into the army in another 2 weeks time and won’t be able to enjoy the moelicious girlies while serving. Didn’t bring a lot of money to Japan this time as well, and bought a couple of other stuff as well.

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My Desk

moe 28081 sample
Just need one of these girlies on me bed ^^

And I am finally back from the land of the kawaii… to the land of the non-kawaii and reality and to the army in 2 weeks time T A T. Have not been posting in a while (yes I know ^^;) as I have been busy working on the site theme.

Didn’t want to have a half-assed theme like the previous one so am taking some time to work on it.

And yes, today we’ll have a look at my desk, from which I spend most of my time at.

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The Switch 3 – MacBook Pro

^ Cat looks at you looking at pantsu!

So I have made the switch and is now using a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.3 (Upgraded to 10.5.3 a few days after I got my MBP).

I would say I love the interface of the OS X. It’s very smooth and lovely.

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