Kaleidoscope! – Illustration Showcase report


Kaleidoscope! A continually shifting scene, shapes and colors just like how the local amateur illustration/manga artists got together for a ‘doujinshi’ 「同人誌」 convention held over at Suntec City last weekend which might have rejuvenated the local doujin scene.

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Kaleidoscope! – Manga Illustration Showcase


Was supposed to put this up like a few days back but I’ve kinda of forgotten about it. Anyway, this is the very first local doujin and manga convention that is held over at Suntec city!

Dates: 27 & 28 Oct 2007
Venue: Suntec City @ MY.PLAYGr0und (Level 3)
            (In between Tower 2 and 3, Map available here
Timings: 11am to 8 pm

Do come down and support our talented local artists! There will also be a strong industrial presence such as Imaginary Friends, Collateral Damage Doujin Studio (CDDS), Chuang Yi etc.

It’ll be an open gallery and included inside is also a meet the artist session and drawing sessions.  There will also be booths set up to sell stuff too!

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Kimi Kiss – Various Heroines


Don’t know how many of your readers have heard of Kimi Kiss, but for it, it seeing a lot of advertisement on the internets. I even remember getting a 2006 July Issue of Famitsu Wave as the cover was featuring the Kimi Kiss girls!

Despite all the eroges that’s floating around, Kimi Kiss isn’t ero in nature compared to some of the other counterparts. I actually like this idea as they try to ‘protect’ their characters from all the ‘ero-positions’ out there. Not that I mind though.

If you don’t fancy the ero-stuff but still want some love story with ecchi pictures, do read on.

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Comiket 72 Want-list


Didn’t name it as Buy-list as I realized I won’t be able to import it in due to it’s ero-nature even if I managed to grab them ORZ Damn those customs!

Anyway, Comiket 72 (Comic Market) has just started today! It will be held at Big Sight for the next two days (17th – 19th August). What’s so great about Comiket? Well, Comiket is one place to grab Comiket-limited doujins released by artists that spent a lot of work and time on drawing and doing a book. What will my Comiket 72 Want-list be then? More after the jump!

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