Lucky Star 4-Koma: Comiket Aftermath


So it seems like Kagami did purchase the ‘~captured’ (Gauron X Sousuke) doujin ^^; Check out that immerse expression on her face! CUTE!

Poor Translation:

3rd Panel:
Kagami: It’s not like after reading Gauron X Sousuke will affect my judgement to purchase (?!?!).

Th..That’s right! I’ll just study diligently and ignore Konata’s invitation me to the next comiket. un… ahaha!

4th Panel:
Tsukasa: Onee-chan, what are you speaking to yourself about?

Kagami: Haaaa!

Pardon the poor translation. Really.

Kodomo no Jikan 「こどものじかん」


I recently got to know of this manga, through the introduction of friends via IRC.

Don’t know if you have heard of it, but basically it revolves around a twenty-three year old grade school teacher Daisuke Aoki and one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, who has a crush on him.

So what makes it so interesting then? Find out more after the jump!

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Whilst on the channel today, a fellow channeler posted a danbooru link of a Shortcuts (manga) page. Reminiscence of that familiar manga, of which I thoroughly enjoyed.


^ This picture is not related to this post. Just here as eyecandy :)

Shortcuts 「ショートカッツ」 is a comedy manga by Usamaru Furuya, who explores the Japanese fascination with kogals (high school girls) in this collection of bizarre shorts. Released in two volumes and originally published in Young Sunday magazine, each volume contains approximately one hunderd ‘cuts’ spanned over one or two pages. Besides it’s primary theme of Japanese kogal and youth culture, it is tackled with the heavy usage of visual jokes, black humor and sex comedy.

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