Ringo Noyamano: Sexy on Wheels [NSFW]

“Are we looking at the right model?” queried James, fashion designer of the latest wear Ringo was wearing.


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Live on Stage with Chua Churam

Many of us pay an exuberant price for concerts just to see our favorite stars perform. Some pay an extra just to get a close up of them. Some rely on DVD concert releases, and for the rest of us, we stick and wait for the photos of close up shots to be posted online.



Review of Alter’s Chua Chram

One word could be used to describe this sculpt – Amazing. Yet, there’s a small drawback (or big) to this figure, is it’s scale. The 1:10 scale makes it’s pretty awesome at it’s current scale (LIke comparing a 1/144 Gundam model kit to a 1/100). But if there was a 1:8 or 1:7, it would be epic win.

While this figure was a little more on the high price range, I don’t see a reason why not to spend it on this figure. With the amount of details and sculpting paid to just for this figure, I’m pretty happy Alter did not raise the price too high.



There are probably a lot I could go about how awesome this figure is, but I’ll spare the details and let your eyes do the decision making ^^; But do like to give a thumbs up for the skirt here (Prairie Skirt?). Most manufacturers usually skip the details on the skirt, but for this figure, details were especially given attention to. Oh! I did wish there were strings on the guitar though; makes it much more realistic.


Other Stuff

Yes, firstly, here’s the new theme that you’re seeing. I haven’t had much time to talk about it due to real life commitments (army ^^;). Will talk more about it when I get back home.

Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)

moe 9688 sample-1
Girlie not related to post but I found her cute anyway

And a quick look at our loot stolen exchanged in Japan with the a currency known as money for moe girlies on paper.

Didn’t spend a lot compared to the Spring and last year’s trip (Japan Loot & Akane makes Revolution) as I am enlisting into the army in another 2 weeks time and won’t be able to enjoy the moelicious girlies while serving. Didn’t bring a lot of money to Japan this time as well, and bought a couple of other stuff as well.

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Comiket 74 – Comic Water

Konata approves of this!

While at Comiket 74, I came across one of the weirdest and yet somewhat  ‘smartest’ marketing ‘schemes’ by the kind hearted people above targeted at me otakus.

Sold at most of the vending machines scattered around Big Sight, I came across this, known as Comic Water.

What is this mysterious water… more info after the jump!

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School Swimsuit & Meido Water: New Akiba Drink?!

I’ve heard Zero no Tsukaima Season III is good stuff. Tiffania bust revolution!

Akiba Keizai has reported on this new souvenir drink that has just started it sales in stores. Yes! Another product to targeted at the warm innocent otakus of Akiba by splashing moé characters on the labels of the drink.

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