Resin/Garage Kits Update 1

I have about 150SGD on hand (Approx: 94USD) on hand.

Need about 130 more to get the compressor and double action airbrush.

The compressors + airbrush from Iwata-Medea <Link> looks good.


Tools Needed:

Primer (Mr Base White or Dupi-Color)
Respirator Mask <Link>
Paints (lacquer)
Sandpaper (400/800/1000/2000 grit)
Sweker (spelling)
Resin/Garage kit
Thinner (Either Generic or Mr Color)


Jay has kindly got me links of A-Brand kits over at e2046.

Komiya Youko with Spear <Link>

Yu Me with Musical Instrument <Link>

Escalayer <Link>

Mahou Syoujo Ai <Link>

Hayasaka Hiyori <Link>

Unfortunately, the Escalayer kit I want to get is on pre-order status.

Pre-order status = Needing at least 10-15 request of that particular figurine before they ask the workshop for a recast.

Which also means, I’ll have to wait. I have only 7 weeks of break to work on this hobby. Out of which, 1 week would be taken by the China trip (10 Sep – 16 Sep) and the rest of the time would be heavily occupied with piano practice. My piano exam’s (Grade 8) in September as well.

I browsed through the ‘A-E’ garage kit section of HobbyLink for a bit.

1/7 Comic Party Yellow Bikini <Link>

1/6 Ikkitousen – Ryofu Housen broken pants w/ sword Art Road <Link>

1/8 EVA Asuka Langley – nude angel <Link>

I’m trying to grab A-Brand kits (Priced around 30-35USD).

Anyone willing to donate to the windbell-starter-figurine-fund? Or recommandations on figurines? (Preferably 30-35USD).

Resin/Garage Kits

The interest in assembling and painting resin/garage kits sparked again.

I found this guide <Link> on painting resin/garage kits on google.

Tools Needed:

Citadel Paints/Enamels/Japanese Hobby Paints
Super Glue
Cutting Blades
Sanding Paper
Detailing Markers
Dremel Tool

Seems that a airbrush + compressor isn’t necessary, but recommanded. I do not have a dremel tool as well. Currently, I don’t have the resources to get a airbursh + compressor (Approx: 280SGD). Seems that I’ll have to stick to conventional means of painting with a brush.

A resin/garage kit is needed obviously.

^ Source: Hobby Stock Japan <Link>

The アスカ (Asuka) kit looks good. Unfortunately, it’s at 4,689円 (Approx: 63SGD). My budget’s about 3000円.

Anyone has any recommandations?

Mari-tan Drill

^ Source: AkibaBlog <Link>

“I like you.”
“Come over to my house and fvck my sister!”

Hilarious stuff. Engrish at it’s very best.

Learn how to curse like a drill sergeant!

Be a man, do the right thing!

I wish to get both books. Too bad it is currently out of stock over at Hobby Link Japan.

Mari-tan Site <Link>

Mari-tan Drill #1 Book <Link>

Mari-tan Drill #2 Book <Link>

Akibablog on Mari-tan Drill <Link>

A visit to Kinokuniya

I saw this in my email a few days back.

And decided to splurge abit when we visited Kinokuniya today.

^ Click on image to view a higher resolution image

Items in the picture:

Tabloid Tokyo

Somedays Dreamer

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

スモールエス September issue Vol 9 <Link>

For those who are wondering why Kinokuniya has the ‘ya’ at the end.

Ya refers to or shop.

Same goes for Takashimaya.

Sony NW-E005F 2GB MP3 Player

I just bought this for about 170USD (269SGD).
It’s for my dad actually, as he needed a MP3 Player and Sony was having a nice promotion where you get a free MDR-Q21LP earphones together with a leather case with the purchase of the Sony NW-E005F 2GB MP3 Player.

Features :
– 2GB high capacity storage
– Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with great Stamina of 30 hours
– High speed battery charge: 3 minutes charging will give you 3 hours playback time
– Transfer up to 90 CD’s onto the internal memory thanks to ATRAC3plus compression technology
– Direct USB plug for ease of use
– Bright and clear 1-line OLED display for easy navigation
– Multiple codec support: ATRAC, MP3 and WMA compatible
– SonicStage 3.4 software for easy music management and transfers of your favourite tracks

Network function
– High speed data transfer YES
– USB connection YES
– Selectable data compression (ATRAC3 / ATRAC3plus) YES
– Data conversion from MP3 / WMA / WAV to ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus YES
– CDDB automatic music information transferring YES
– Music information editting on PC YES
– Network WALKMAN control on PC YES

– Embedded flash memory 2GB(2048.0MB)
– MemoryStick MS DUO NO

Data compression
– ATRAC3 66 kbps YES
– ATRAC3 105 kbps YES
– ATRAC3 132 kbps YES
– ATRAC3plus 48 kbps YES
– ATRAC3plus 64 kbps YES
– Atrac3plus 256 kbps YES

Playback & display
– ATRAC3 playback YES
– ATRAC3plus playback YES
– Group function operation YES
– Repeat YES
– Shuffle YES
– Digital sound preset YES
– Digital Mega Bass NO
– Hold YES
– MP3 direct playback YES

General data
– Battery life ATRAC3 playback 30.0hours
– Weight 25.0grams

– Width 24.6mm
– Height 79.0mm
– Depth 13.6mm

^ Click Pictures for larger Image
Overall I like the design. It’s about the same size as a thumbdrive which is really cool. Fingerprint marks could be easily seen due to the material used for the case :/