Japan Bicycle Drift


A really cool but somewhat dated video featuring some amazing bicycle drifts performed by a Japanese man. Those who frequent the land of the moe, ero and more ero moe would probably have seen the sheer amount of human powered transportation known as the bicycle.

Generally there are two kinds of annoying cyclists. The first type who is too shy to ring the bell and follows you behind like a stalker.

And the other type who is also too shy to ring the bell but instead screeches the brakes right behind you. I am a cyclist myself but more often than not I ring the bell to let the people in front know that there’s a bicycle behind. Rather dangerous to cycle on the public roads here.

World’s Biggest Alarm Clock


For those who have difficulty waking up in the morning would definitely want to take a look at this Youtube video below.

If you have a large air cylinder, computer-controlled valve, lots of programming code and approximately 4 years to spare, you could probably built one up yourself.

Perhaps some would prefer being woken up by a morning kiss instead?


Source: Via TechEBlog

Expression 35

3630284 Found this over at Pixiv a couple of days ago. Apparently, there’s been a pixiv project about portraying 35 difference facial expressions using this template available over at Pixiv.

There’s has been a whole lot of interesting submissions onto Pixiv where you can view it by typing  “表情35” into the search box.

My personal favorite is the one above by pixiv illustrator 【yae】 but there are also a couple of promising ones as well. The Yukari x Reimu Expression 35 chart below by ほた。is pretty cool as well. English translation over at Danbooru.


Also, though not really with accordance to the template, Here’s a Hoshii Miki Expression 6 chart by pixiv illustrator deretta.


Mio & Azu-nyan 2D Cosplay


Here’s an image with cutesy Mio and Azu-nyan cosplaying as meidos while Mugi-chan looks on with her wonderland of yuri love. It’s really too bad that K-ON ended, very much enjoyed the episodes while it lasted.

While many have converted to become Azu-nyan fans, my favorite girl is still Mio ^^;

Did you enjoy K-ON as well?