Akihabara Buskers


Was over at Akihabara again last sunday hoping to grab a couple of shots of cosplayers and cute girls/maids giving out leaflets (Chirashi(チラシ)). Unfortunately, the weather was pretty shit that day as it was raining in the morning.

While walking around, saw a crowd of photographers and decided to tag along. Like they say, when there are photographers, there’s something exciting happening ^^;

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Akihabara ni Youkoso!




KITA! I have finally visited Akihabara! (Otaku levels exceeding threshold)

It is indeed an Otaku heaven!

Traveling from my friend’s place in Toyoda to Akihabara was tiring, as one trip down would take about 1 hr 30 mins (Could travel from the west to the east of Singapore in less than that!). However, the trip down was definitely worth it. Took the Chuo line Rapid Service train (The rapid service only starts after Shinjuku ^^;) all the way to Ochanomizu, before switching trains to Akiba.

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