"Spring in Japan" Kimono Show

Last Saturday I attended a Kimono Show titled “Spring in Japan” over at the Japanese Association of Singapore. I hated going to the association as there weren’t any buses that I could take from the train station, leaving me having to switch buses over at the bus stop.

When I had first heard about this event, I had always though it would be any outdoor event with Japanese girls doning Kimonos whilst the photographers snipe photos of them from every angle possible. Upon reaching there however, it was different from what I had expected :/

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Ryomou Shimei photoshoot

Some of your readers might know, I was in Melbourne, Australia from 31st March to 15th April. Known for it’s clear blue sky and nice sunlight, I took good use of that opportunity to do some photoshoots of figures that belongs to a friend of mine. ^___^

Introducing Ryomou Shimei from Ikkitousen!

She packs a pair of fighting gloves, an eyepatch, and crazy fighting abilities that’s able to beat you up into plup in one-tenth of a second (J/K).

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"Karen" aka Gothic Devil Girl Photoshoot

 It has been a very long time since I last did a figurine photography shoot and uploaded it to my blog. Also, the lack of figurines had also contributed to it. Does anyone want to get me Asuka with Guitar/Gothic Punk Asuka pre-painted from E2046 Gathering’s series so that I can do a photoshoot of it? XD

For this photoshoot, I present to you, “Karen” aka Gothic Devil Girl from E2046’s Gathering series!

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EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III

  ^ Lack of good images and lackluster Photoshop skills

The image says it all. Yes, the acquisition of a new lens.

Introducing the EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III lens.

Before you start bashing on why the acquisition of such a cheap lens, do note that it is to get me started on telephoto shooting on a very tight budget.

As the box says, EF 75 – 300mm f/4-5.6 III. 1.5m/4.9ft required for marco-ing.

I haven’t really got the time to test out the new lens yet, but it would be useful during my trip to Melbourne as I can do more testing over there.

I have the non-USM version, therefore the autofocus is noticeably slow and/or innaccurate at times, but you get what you pay for.

On the side note, this lens is really light and cheap compared to the “L” (Luxury) lens. Of course performance and quality wise, the L lens beats this hands down.

Chromatic aberration is quite appalling if you do zoom in at the finer details.

 ^ Taken at 75mm

  ^ Taken at 300mm

This lens would be useful when I can’t get closer to the subject at hand. I can’t really comment on this lens right now :/

I do wish to get the EF 50mm f/1.8 II and the Speedlite 430EX as soon as possible. Someone please get those for my birthday :p

Mabinogi: Nao Photoshoot

Okay, yes I do know that this figurine has been long released. Many would have photoshoots of Nao as well. But I decided to do this one anyway. :)

This figurine is by Good Smile Factory and released on January 25 2006 at 4,001yen. Sculpted by Hiro, this is a very highly detailed figurine that is absolutely top-notch.

Nao comes with a long rod/staff and a nice pastel colored pink base. It has a screw-type of base of which holds her down firmly. I am not worried about this figurine bending as it’s center of gravity is pretty much near the center. The staff that comes along with it can be easily slotted through Nao’s hands. You can also place other stuff (so long she can grasp it). I especially like this figurine as

1.) Very nice paint work
2.) Cute expression
3.) Nice curves

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