Chu x Chu Idol – Astram


“Bet you’re looking at those!” said Astram with a vampire-y smile, playing around in the field of sunflowers, with clothes that barely offered any form of decent protection from the lecherous eyes of males & females.

I realized that Astram was not any normal vampire that shuns away from the sunlight like those from the folklore. She was indeed the opposite of what a vampire would have been, looking pretty, with nice curves and ironically, an idol too!

“Hey! Take more pictures of me.” Astram asked.

<May contain pictures that are Not Safe For Work>

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A week in Singapore 7


First up is the Sony Advertisement for their VAIO laptops that can been found along the bus stops of Orchard Road.

I really like this advert as it is really creative and has nice ladies in it. There are 2 more Sony Adverts with more nice ladies in it. Have tried taking a picture but the reflection from the glass makes it hard to see.

Will try to borrow a circular polarizer to reduce the glare. I like the ladies in this advert, especially the one with the pink VAIO ^^;

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Streetfest Teaser


Just got back from Streetfest and a gathering with a few of my friends. Been busy the over the weekend and I haven’t had the time to post-process the photos I have taken.

Streetfest (Street Festival) is a festival to promote youth activities and allow them to showcase their talents and skills in visual arts, fashion, lifestyle trends etc.

Lots of J-rock, Gothic Lolita and some cosplay stuff at Streetfest today. I’ll try to get the images up as soon as possible as it would be a busy week for me during the next week as well ^^;

Will reply to the comments in the morning. I’m so tired now orz

Shuraki 04 – Nida Schuetlich, Beautiful Soldier


It was often said that hot girls and big guns don’t mix, but that’s just what it was in the past. You really have to wonder why do hot girls and big guns mix, they just seem so irresistible.

Clothed in uniform makes Nida Schuetlich a beauty in a row of soldiers lined up together. I guess it’s the pink hair as well, but I’m more of a sucker for purple/brown and black. Sometimes I wonder if Nida was meant to bring more life into the battlefield.. their weapons of mass destruction comes in really handy, if you know what I mean ;)

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Nida Schuetlich Teaser

IMG_0469 _ed

Apologize for not updating the past few days. I have been just way too busy. There was a long weekend last week and I was out of the house the whole day during the weekend.

Here’s a ‘teaser’ picture of Nida Schuetlich from Shuraki Box 04. My PC is down again – yes, I am getting a new 500GB hard drive after Japanese class tomorrow and have been backing up my data. Damn those 320GB Seagate Barracudas. I have two (including the current one) that have died on me! Got to get them RMA-ed.

Just a note, I realized that Photoshop doesn’t seem to read my camera’s RAW files properly. After editing a photo in Photoshop and saving it as a JPEG file, the colors are duller and the effects are different from what I want – so I have to turn the effects up way higher than what I see in Photoshop, which is quite a bother. It’s probably my laptop’s (Acer) color management.