Idol Photobooks and The Rules of Thirds

Natsuko Tatsumi is love <3

Don’t know how many of you guys/gals actually buy idol photobooks but I got my first one recently. It’s Leah Dizon’s latest and fourth photobook “Pure Leah”.

I like Leah Dizon for her looks as she has that balance of beauty and exoticism due to her mixed ethnicities which makes her “WOW!” The photos in the book wasn’t really that great but there were a couple of shots that were pretty interesting, and it was only then that I realized I had been so stupid.

Idol Photobooks may not be the best reference out there but there are actually pretty good books for studying portraits and also health caring. Ignore the fact that the girls are scantily clad and look deeper and I actually realized that the portrait shots in these books follow what we call in composition – the rules of thirds.

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A week in Singapore 6


Visiting Sim Lim Square to get a pair of headphones. My Prota Pros  died on me as the wires near the audio jack got loose. ORZ

Sim Lim Square, is known as the place for getting most of your electronics and IT goods. I often avoid the first 2 -3 floors as they are known to be tourist traps, with an exception of some shops…

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