Overseas: A month of holidays!


Hi to all! Am currently in the land of down under for a short holiday of 10 days. The main purpose of this trip is to actually attend my sister’s convocation (graduation ceremony) and also to get away from the heat in Singapore ^^;

After my trip in Melbourne, will be heading back to Singapore for 2 days before heading to another country for about 10 days, this time to look at lots and lots of kawaii girls and kawaii girls and more kawaii girls. Would also be meeting up with a couple of people who are there as well.

Will work on the site theme and also update daily if possible as I’ll be headed to Adelaide come tomorrow morning and I hope they have internets available somewhere there ^^;

Time to take a short nap. I have been awake seen the day before I haven’t really goteen much sleep. Almost feel asleep when typing out this post ^^

Site Issues


Didn’t have a cute 2D image to use so here’s a Louise cosplayer for you guys ^^;

Okay, now to the main point.

Many of you have contacted me via email regarding a couple of site issues that have appeared while visiting the blog.

One of the main issues covered was being unable to leave comments on posts due to the math captcha not appearing. I have tentatively disabled the math captcha plugin and you guys should be able to leave comments.

Have just started with the planning of the new theme so right now I need your input as to any issues you currently face while visiting this blog. Suggestions on site improvements are highly welcomed as well!

Small Update


A really small update on what’s happening this week.

My Japanese full time course just started on Tuesday and I have been revising each night in order to stay ahead of the class as I have not touched any Japanese textbooks for more than 2 months! Somehow, it seems like I am the only one in class that is doing revision…

Just started working as well, as an assistant of sorts in the photography field. I handle both Nikon and Canon cameras at the moment ^^

Have been really busy with classes, work and revision and also been trying to work on the new theme for a bit. Will post up ‘A week in Singapore’ tomorrow or the day after as I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening as well.

For those who have emailed me, I have read your emails but haven’t had the time to reply. Will get to them! Gomenasai!

Are you guys busy with work/school/health caring as well?