Japan Summer 2008 Loot (Way Too Many!)

moe 9688 sample-1
Girlie not related to post but I found her cute anyway

And a quick look at our loot stolen exchanged in Japan with the a currency known as money for moe girlies on paper.

Didn’t spend a lot compared to the Spring and last year’s trip (Japan Loot & Akane makes Revolution) as I am enlisting into the army in another 2 weeks time and won’t be able to enjoy the moelicious girlies while serving. Didn’t bring a lot of money to Japan this time as well, and bought a couple of other stuff as well.

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Onwards to Tokyo!


And as the title says, I’m off to Tokyo for a 10 days holiday ^^

Having just came back from Melbourne, Australia just 2 days ago, I’m off again to another country. This time, however, there will be lots of kawaii girls (I mean lots) to see, look, touch, feel during my 10 days there. It’s currently summer in Tokyo at the moment, so the weather’s is expected to be slightly hotter compared to back at home.

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Overseas: A month of holidays!


Hi to all! Am currently in the land of down under for a short holiday of 10 days. The main purpose of this trip is to actually attend my sister’s convocation (graduation ceremony) and also to get away from the heat in Singapore ^^;

After my trip in Melbourne, will be heading back to Singapore for 2 days before heading to another country for about 10 days, this time to look at lots and lots of kawaii girls and kawaii girls and more kawaii girls. Would also be meeting up with a couple of people who are there as well.

Will work on the site theme and also update daily if possible as I’ll be headed to Adelaide come tomorrow morning and I hope they have internets available somewhere there ^^;

Time to take a short nap. I have been awake seen the day before I haven’t really goteen much sleep. Almost feel asleep when typing out this post ^^

Mannerism on Trains


“家でやろう” or “Please do it at home” is an manner poster series that can been commonly found in the subway trains stations of Tokyo.

I remember seeing the above sign in most of the train stations while visiting Tokyo in April and what had prompted me to take this photo was because the guy in the poster looked more like he was about to jerk off while browsing that magazine instead of sharing the seat with the salaryman that’s standing up so that they could jerk off together.

Okay, enough of making fun of the funny poster and onward to the main topic; how is mannerism on the trains in your country/region like?

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