A week in Singapore 7


First up is the Sony Advertisement for their VAIO laptops that can been found along the bus stops of Orchard Road.

I really like this advert as it is really creative and has nice ladies in it. There are 2 more Sony Adverts with more nice ladies in it. Have tried taking a picture but the reflection from the glass makes it hard to see.

Will try to borrow a circular polarizer to reduce the glare. I like the ladies in this advert, especially the one with the pink VAIO ^^;

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A week in Singapore 6


Visiting Sim Lim Square to get a pair of headphones. My Prota Pros  died on me as the wires near the audio jack got loose. ORZ

Sim Lim Square, is known as the place for getting most of your electronics and IT goods. I often avoid the first 2 -3 floors as they are known to be tourist traps, with an exception of some shops…

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Sumida River and Kimono Ladies


Continuing from the overdue documentation of my Japan trip, this is the second last post for the whole documentation (not including the Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay shoot). This time, we have a look at Sumida River, located in Asakusa where our hostel’s at and not forgetting the lovely ladies in Kimono.

And oh, I just finished watching Gundam 00, but that’s off topic anyway.

<Picture Intensive Post! Includes school girls and lovely ladies in kimonos>

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Japan Spring 2008 Loot


A quick look at the loot from Japan. Anime Bloggers seem to do all these loot posts ^^;

I spent less for this Spring trip to Japan, probably because I have already spent a lot during my Summer trip last year. Was resisting grabbing any doujinshis or artbooks of the shelves whenever we visited an anime store; Double was there as witness. I think the otaku in me is growing up…

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