Interview: Cosafe on Channel U

Seems like many who have watched Channel U during the evening (8.30pm) the day before would have seen the Interview on Cosafe.

The video basically covers the operation of the cosafe, interview with the Owner (The idea of a cosplay cafe etc), interview with the staff, a bit of showcasing of their talents and stuff.

However, that’s not the main highlight of the show! It was actually the appearance of local anibloggers on it!

DarkMirage from had a screen time of a few miniseconds, TJ_han from has his left sleeve caught on national TV. Luckily for LianYL (or not), he was interviewed as well. Mitsuki Hayase, who was said something that the directors gave it a thumbs up :)

Unfortunately, this video is in Mandarin Chinese (Singaporean Chinese?!) but English speakers, don’t worry, for there have been speculations of this video being subbed. I might want to sub it as well.

RAW’s provided by daffodilistic from

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Cosafe on Channel U 
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Alternatively, you can watch it over at Youtube <Link>

Akihabara News & Web HDTV Pilot Episode

Daimaou from Akihabara News <Link> and Danny from <Link> met up to do a internet show. This is the first internet show they have made, which is kinda rough-around-the-edge, nervous-ness and stuff that. As the weather has been really lousy/bad(?), which means that the first episode had to be taken in Danny’s living room. The torrent file for the HDTV can be found in this post <Link>.

On a scale of 10, I would probably give a 7.5 . The first episode start off rather well. However, I do feel that there are many points in which can be improved. I’ll talk about them below.

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Healthy Food


Chicken Nuggets anyone?

I’m glad that mom was watching Jamie’s School Dinners on TV just earlier on. It caught my attention and I stayed for about 10 minutes (Well spent) watching it. I didn’t know that Chicken nuggets had contained so much salt, sugar and some *unwanted* substances in it, and given if it was the cheaply manufactured ones, they may even add in other chemicals to ‘cover’ the taste. I’m not going to touch chicken nuggets ever.

Chicken Nuggets
A chicken nugget is a piece of chicken, either whole or composed from a paste of finely minced meat or chicken skin, which is then coated in batter or breadcrumbs before being cooked.
Source: Wikipedia

I did a search on Jamie’s School Dinners and got to the site. It’s pretty interactive with a couple of nice links. I also found episodes 1 – 4 on Bittorrent. They can be found here . This means that I don’t have to stay up to 12am just to watch it :)
Jamie’s School Dinners’ about Jamie Oliver who busts a gut persuading schools to ditch the processed, ready-made junk the students are used to eating, and replace it with fresh, tasty, nutritious food, prepared from scratch every day. In other words, scrap Junk food and replace it with healthy, delicious food.
I hope I will learn alot from this TV documentary. I consume too much Junk Food :/