Five Seconds Rule

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Remeber dropping your food for more then five seconds rule and someone shouts “Five Seconds Rule!” ?. Many believe once more than five seconds have passed, the food is considered “spoiled”. Let’s see how it’s different in this video :)

When /b/ invades Linksys Live Assistance

Arvie (10693): Hi, my name is Arvie (10693). How may I help you?
The Dude: Hola.
The Dude: Ayudarme, por favor.
The Dude: Tu hablas espanol?
Arvie (10693): You’ll have to speak in English.
The Dude: No comprendo.
The Dude: No hablo en ingles.
Arvie (10693): I will not be able to help you if we cannot speak English.
The Dude: Por favor.
The Dude: Conoces a Rex?
The Dude: Donde esta Rex?
The Dude: Conectarme con rex, por favor.
The Dude: Alo?
Arvie (10693): Por Favor. Stop these pranks! I have enough.
Arvie (10693) Has Disconnected

That was funny. But the rest got boring.

It continues even after a Tech support officer ‘Arvie’ visits the board to warn the pranksters.

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And someone from the board decides to stop the prank by telling the truth to tech support.

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I refreshed the page and another Tech support officer ‘Rex’ posted.

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The pranks were funny at the start, but got irritating, stupid and childish soon after.

Source: /b/ – Random 4chan

Update: The thread got closed

For those who didn’t read the thread, I’ve saved it in html.

File is available here (431Kb, extract using winRAR)

The Pirate Bay – Sunk?

The Pirate Bay is down :/

According to Internet reports, early May 31, 2006, Swedish National Criminal Police —50, reportedly—raided a Rix|Port80 datacenter hosting The Pirate Bay’s server farm and confiscated all its servers to investigate whether it is storing illegal content. Slyck has a story, Pirate Bay Police Raids, detailing what is known. The three people arrested in the raid are aged 22, 24 and 28. All servers, including servers owned by Piratbyrån, were confiscated by the police pending an investigation. will be updated with more official details as they are known.

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Wired News

Slyck News