Mio & Azu-nyan 2D Cosplay


Here’s an image with cutesy Mio and Azu-nyan cosplaying as meidos while Mugi-chan looks on with her wonderland of yuri love. It’s really too bad that K-ON ended, very much enjoyed the episodes while it lasted.

While many have converted to become Azu-nyan fans, my favorite girl is still Mio ^^;

Did you enjoy K-ON as well?

Asian Poses


Found this site thought a link on Facebook which features a very detailed and demonstrative list of asian poses by people all around the world. Great site to visit if you’re totally bored, needs to think of new poses to pose or just want to look at the kawaii girls over at the site.

Unfortunately over here in Singapore, people often get accused of trying to hard to mimic these poses, pull these poses off or in simpler terms “acting cute”. I don’t really understand why people are so anal about it. Hey, it best the usual smiling at the camera!

Model for top picture is beautiful korean model Seo You-Jin. Some pictures of her with glasses below.




Source; Via Asian Poses