Primary ~magical★trouble★scramble~ Dakimakura

An new addition to the world of 2D girls with the latest being the girls


An new addition to the world of 2D girls with the latest being the girls from the soon-to-be-released eroge Primary ~magical★trouble★scramble~.

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Oppai Mouse Pad for just 500yen [NSFW]


While many fans of oppai mouse pads prefer their 2D couterparts to be looking erotically at them, this oppai mouse pad could be one that owns them all.

Selling at a laughable 500 yen, this oppai mouse pad comes without any clothes to cover it and imitates oppai with erect nipples. The oppai pad is made of sponge, which is different from the usual soft jelly varients. Those in Japan can grab it at the Tachibana Bookstore Main branch.


I still very much prefer the 2D curvaceous 2D mouse pad..

chizuru_mousepadAnd apparently Lelouch loves them too!


Source: Via AkibaBlog

Training with Mio


Perhaps if Mio Akiyama of the latest moe moe sensation K-ON! were to replace Hinako in the erotic fitness anime “Training with Hinako”, would it result in a complete draining of the otaku wallets?

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed release as this is only a speculated image by the talented artist Nekomamire

Image: Via Nekomamire

Lucky Star L4D fanart

lucky star no mercy

Found this by the dark corner of the internets by a friend who linked it to me. This is just too awesome! Can’t wait for a K-ON L4D parody of this! Hmm, would be great if someone could plant the Lucky Star girls in L4D itself and use voice clips from the anime itself as actual voices!

Artist: WaHa of Collateral Damage Studios

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