2006 September – Singapore. Waseda Shibuya Senior High School Festival

Just barely 12 hours after I got back to Singapore, I was out again, off to the school festival in Waseda Shibuya Senior High School. I wasn’t overly excited to go for this one, probably due to not having enough rest from the previous trip and the ‘stress’ from the upcoming piano exam (Grade 8).

I have been to school festivals. We had those in secondary school. This time, it’s done Japanese style.

Lots of people queuing up for Shinobi, and a nice japanese girl in kimono ushering and keeping the people in queue.

I can’t remember what this is.

Works of students doing social studies. I believe it’s tougher than what I had in secondary school, plus, you need to write it in Japanese.

Pictures of the Year 3 students on class trips. From the looks of the clear blue water and terrific color of the sky, I reckon it’s probably their any country other than Singapore.

More pictures of school life. Including sports festivals (meets) , birthday celebrations, lab work.

Japanese history assignment written by a Year 2 student. Nicely decrorated.

More books/notes of Japanese history assignments written by students.

Arts and Craft

Pottery, designed and made by Year 2 students.

Arts and Craft. Color wheels and sculptures of hands. We did Color wheels back in secondary school as well.

The V-sign (Victory). One of the most over-used signs every conned by mankind. It’s a pretty good sculpture.

The students unleash their creativity by painting on wooden boxes and baskets.


Calligraphy. The art of beautiful writing.

Short, simple and Clean.

English Writing

I like this section the most.

The students had to do an assignment of which to interview the local people and write a short essay on the information gathered. Some where pretty good, some weird, and some absolutely brainwashed by MTV.

This is probably one of the best out of the many others on the board.


A skit performed by Japanese students. I do have to apologize for the blurred pictures. There was not enough light and I can’t use flash.

Taking photos under low light condition and ISO 400, higher exposure didn’t help.

And the crew who acted out in the skit.

The story was basically how love developed between the kid with the huge ass 80s specs and the girl in the purple shirt.

Students performing for an audience.

More updates to come soon!

YUI – I remember You Out

Somehow, it’s out before the actual release (Which is tomorrow) :/

9/20正午~36時間限定『I remember you』フルコーラス公開! (2006.9.13)

9/20リリースのニューシングル『I remember you』のMusic Videoの
公開期間:2006.9.20(水)正午~9.21(木)いっぱい ※36時間
ビデオクリップフルコーラスはSony Music Online Japanトップページにて!

^ As seen from the main page of YUI-net

You can grab it off torrents, that if you wish.

I didn’t managed to get a pre-order of the single.

Nice interview of YUI <Link>


Who is YUI you may ask.

YUI is a Japanese J-Pop/J-Rock artist, born March 26, 1987 in Fukuoka, Japan. She sings and plays acoustic guitar, and writes her own songs. She is still relatively unknown outside of Japan, but her song “LIFE”, from her single by the same name, was the 5th ending theme for Bleach, a popular Japanese anime series, which has brought her some international fame.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

Many claim that she has a heavenly voice. I find hers rather unique and feel at peace listening to her songs. What’s yours?

The only way to grab YUI’s releases is via amazon.jp or yesasia.com (Online Purchase) since it’s not in the local stores :(

YUI currently has 6 singles , 1 album and a main actress role in Taiyou no Uta (タイヨウのうた).




^ Screenshot from Wikipedia’s aritcle

Do support this Japanese J-Pop/J-Rock artist! Buy her singles and album and give it to me :)


Ryu’s Form Site

(Image removed due to being ‘Adult’ content)

Picture from Ryu’s Form Site. <Link>

Site contains some of the most lovely pictures you will ever find. Take note that it contains nudity (Showing of nipples). Please view at your own discreet.

Japan Anime Now In Singapore

As one of the events of 40th aniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Singapore, Japan Anime Now In Singapore will be held from 7 to 24 September. The event will exhibit original animation, cels, scrips, figures, goods, costumes and animation films. You will see interviews of producers and animation makers, process of making animation and so on. There are also anime showcast right there on the 7 – 11 September and 22 – 24 September

Japan Anime Now In Singapore
Date : 7 September 2006 – 24 September 2006
Time : 10am – 7pm daily
Venue : Galleries 1 & 2 NAFA Campus 1 80 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189655
Email : artgalleries@nafa.edu.sg
Admission : FREE

Source: bj0rn <Link>

I’ll be skipping this one. I have barely packed for school trip to China (flying off this sunday).

10th – 16th September : Trip to China

17th September : Japanese School Festival at Waseda-Shibuya Senior High

20th (Afternoon) September : Grade 8 Piano Exam

20th (Night) – 30th September/1st October* : Trip to Melbourne(Manifest)

I *might* make a trip down either after Waseda-Shibuya’s School Festival or the day after the festival.

China School Trip 2006

For those in the school trip to china, do visit the links below. Very informative.

A common type of outlet in newer buildings is shown at right. This outlet can accept the standard Type A and common Type I plugs as well as the not-so-common (for China) Type C plugs. This outlet was in Henan Province, but the same was seen everywhere from Shandong and Heilongjiang Provinces in the east to Xinjiang Province in far northwest China. Both the upper and lower outlets can be used simultaneously.

However, in older structures one might find outlets that will accept only Type A (and maybe Type C as well) or only Type I.

Type A Plug Type C Plug Type I Plug

China uses those 3 kinds of plugs.

[…] Chinese traffic does seem to have rules. They generally manage to avoid accidents. However, the rules are quite different from those in other countries. To a foreigner, traffic looks chaotic and many drivers appear insane or suicidal. […]

In China. Cars drive YOU! :)

Do not assume that Chinese drivers will follow any rule you know.

Electricity Around the World <Link>

China Travel Guide <Link>

Driving in China <Link>

China Electrical Outlets <Link>

ROUND TABLE featuring Nino – Nino(Collection Album)

^ Click to view a meaner and bigger image

This album is absolutely great. Very lively. It’s a collection album with all the best singles from Round Table and Nino from 2002 – 2006.

Round Table is a J-pop (Japanese pop) band known mostly for their anime soundtracks. The band was formed in 1997 with Katsutoshi Kitagawa (vocals, guitar, and bass guitar) and Rieko Ito (vocals and keyboard) as band members. In 2002, Nino joined as a guest vocalist. Since then their songs have often been credited as “ROUND TABLE featuring Nino“. The name of the album April comes from Nino’s birth-month. They are best known for their song “Let Me Be With You”, the opening song of the popular CLAMP anime, Chobits.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

Puzzle: Atashi datte onaji koto omotteruyo – Welcome to the N.H.K. OP Song is their lastest single.

Mini Research on Japanese Design Schools (MRJDS)

I’ll need to take Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in the years to come.

The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (日本留学試験, Nihon Ryūgaku Shiken?); literally, “Japan Foreign Study Test”), more commonly referred to as simply the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU), is a standardized test that began in 2002 as a replacement for both the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the General Examination for Foreign Students, the latter of which is no longer administered. It has quickly become the standard admission test for non-Japanese students who are applying to study in Japan, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

EJU is basically used as an admission test for us non-Japanese students.

I need to take JLPT as well as some schools do not recognize EJU as a standard admission test :/


JLPT Level 3,4 next year (December)

EJU (Once I find out where I can take it over here)

Japanese Schools:

Tokyo Anime <Link>

Nippon Engineering College <Link>

Yoyogi Academy <Link>

These are all designing schools.

Website that shows the game related/anime related schools in Japan <Link>

Steve Irwin

Probably more than half the world read about Steve Irwin’s freak accident.

Steve Irwin, the world-known ‘Crocodile Hunter’

Stephen Robert “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin (February 22, 1962 – September 4, 2006) was an Australian naturalist, wildlife expert and television personality. He was best known for the television program The Crocodile Hunter, an unconventional wildlife documentary series broadcasted worldwide and hosted with his wife Terri; the program gave him his sobriquet. He was credited with re-energizing the so called “wildlife documentary” for television audiences who had long grown bored with the genre’s typically stoic and staid manner.

Source: Wikipedia <Link>

Read about the great works he has done, that remarkable legacy he has left behind.

The freak accident <Link>