Anime Festival Asia 09 – Preview

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Due to the real-life commitments (Army) and many other factors involved (procrastination is one), it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Anime Festival Asia 2009 or more commonly known as AFA 09.

Since many other blogs have already covered this topic, I shall do a summary instead to not bore you guys with all the nifty gritty details.



The Anime song performances will be split between the two days of the event. Ichirou Mizuki, Shoko Nakagawa and Hatsune Miku on day one while Yoshiki Fukuyama and May’n on day two. Concert tickets are priced at S$188 for two days and S$108 for one day, with the entry fee included. You can also purchase regular entry tickets to the event at S$25 for both days or S$15 for one.

It definitely looks like the event is growing, specially with the amount of performers and also industry items that will be bought in. Also, with the industry networking side that has expanded to a day of it’s own. I am actually rather excited at how this year’s event would turn out, but unfortunately have to give this year’s event a miss as I’d be overseas during the majority of November for an overseas exercise.

It is also  appears inevitable that this blog will eventually turn into a lost memory in the dark internet sooner or later. Also, I will be selling away my doujins as an effort to save up for my university funds. Many of you guys have received my text message 2 weeks back regarding that matter and I’ll be posting them up as soon as I can.

Cagayake GIRLS!

This wallpaper from the talented pixiv illustrator, Hirokawa 「広川浩一郎」 , is so awesome that I have had to stick it up as a main article.


This wallpaper from the talented pixiv illustrator, Hirokawa  「広川浩一郎」 , is so awesome that I have had to stick it up as a main article.

Featuring the whole cast of K-ON! moeblob girls in their own 2 piece swimsuit wear, the wallpaper may be more on the ero-scale than moe. They seem to have rather biggu eyes. Biggu 「 ビッグ」means big in Japanese.


I believe many who have visited Sankaku Complex recently would have seen the funny Daler Mehndi music video spoof. Those who have not should give it a peek. It’s absolutely hilarious!

Video source: Via Sankaku Complex

Mio & Azu-nyan 2D Cosplay


Here’s an image with cutesy Mio and Azu-nyan cosplaying as meidos while Mugi-chan looks on with her wonderland of yuri love. It’s really too bad that K-ON ended, very much enjoyed the episodes while it lasted.

While many have converted to become Azu-nyan fans, my favorite girl is still Mio ^^;

Did you enjoy K-ON as well?

Training with Mio


Perhaps if Mio Akiyama of the latest moe moe sensation K-ON! were to replace Hinako in the erotic fitness anime “Training with Hinako”, would it result in a complete draining of the otaku wallets?

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed release as this is only a speculated image by the talented artist Nekomamire

Image: Via Nekomamire